We Are Always Watching

So that you can live independently

Trends are far more important than snapshots. We will track the small but significant changes and catch dangerous signs early. We'll notify you when necessary.

Stay Connected & Collaborate

Only get notified when necessary

Enjoy the benefits of having all your loved one’s information securely shared on the same HIPAA - compliant platform, including bio-metrics, medication, mood, and weight. All can be shared with other caregivers in your circle, allowing everyone to stay on top of your loved one’s well-being and collaborate on health issues promptly, privately, and securely.

Senior Friendly Design

Consistent, simple, and easily memorable

Our solutions are built to allow seniors to live safely and independently in their homes. The dashboard and our blood pressure monitor are simple and familiar. We believe seniors should not have to learn new technology.

The Process

Get Start

After being registered on vigo-pt.com, you can start using the device by pressing
the bottom right button.

Monitor Vitals

Plug the cuff and SpO2 connector into
the hub to start monitoring your vitals.

Upload and Share

Select your profile and wait until your data says “Uploaded Complete”.
Your data is now live on DrVigo dashboard
and ready to be shared with
your family members.

Our Product

Our remote monitoring solution gives you the peace of mind and reassurance needed to know how your loved is doing from anywhere. We help seniors to live independently and age in place, while reducing the burden of caregivers.

Designed to be senior-friendly and senior-familiar, the device and platform work to seamlessly upload, track and analyze data, allowing everyone to immediately get access to the same health and wellness data. The caregiving group can also share and discuss on the same platform, in order to decide on what the next best course of action is.


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