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Who We Are

When his father became ill, Dr. Vigo’s inventor quickly realized there was not an app in the marketplace that would help his father get better. What he found were apps made for fitness enthusiasts; apps that perhaps tracked exercise, but never guided it; and apps that were not based upon actual medicine. So Chopin invested his savings to enlist a development team to build the app.

Chopin’s father is now exercising using Dr. Vigo.


Chopin YenCo-Founder

Chopin is a Silicon Valley vet, having worked for Microsoft and Business Objects. He participated in numerous startups and is hellbent on creating technology to help people like his father get well.

Brian BuckbeeCo-Founder

Brian is a university Literature professor. He is co-founder of The 406 Writers’ Workshop, which brings people in the community together in order to get better in artful ways.

Faruq AhmadAdvisor for Investor Relations

Silicon-valley based advisor with operational experience in all phases of the entrepreneurial and company growth process, as company founder, venture capitalist, and investor.”

Vesta YinDevelopment Lead

Vesta is a seasoned developer, having spent 10 years with Microsoft, where he served as project leader. He lives by the motto, “Make things easier, and let’s do our best!

Bruce TribbenseeTechnology Advisor

Bruce hails from Silicon Valley, builds robots, makes documentaries about rare guitars, and is co-founder of the hugely successful startup Submittable.

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