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Our Story

Our founder created DrVigo after seeing the lack of market solutions to take care of his aging dad. Tired of endless logs and back-and-forth messaging amongst his siblings, he built the DrVigo Wellness Platform so caregivers can better coordinate, share and discuss a patient’s health and wellness data. Below is some anecdotes of what he lived through:

A few years ago,

I took a great expat opportunity to work overseas and I’d visit my independent living parents in California 4 or 5 times a year while keeping in touch with them on the phone. Whenever I called, they would always say “We are fine, don’t worry about us.” While I worried about their well-being, I could only take their word for it. Both of my sibilings felt the same, maybe even so since they lived closer to my parents.

On my birthday in 2016,

I came home to a concerned mom and my dad was coughing and wheezing in his room. Mom mentioned she noticed dad’s feet were swollen, so I insisted on taking him to ER. After 30 minutes in the ER, he was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. They kept him overnight. The next day as my dad was discharged, he weighed 20 pounds lighter before he first entered the hospital.

Dad was put on a recovery program,

including chemical medications, physical activities and diet. Blood pressure and weight were the key vitals to be tracked. The hospital had to call us to get the latest readings to regularly to decide on medication dosage. I became the primary caretaker. Dad would measure these vital signs and write them down on a paper along with his medication log. My siblings and I would use text messages, emails and phone calls to coordinate with the hospital. It was confusing and stressful. However, in October 2017, he suffered an aneurism induced stroke despite his blood pressure were shown as “normal” by a top-of-line blood pressure monitor. He was in ICU for 2 months, never regained conscious and passed away 2 months later.

After things settled down,

we started going through dad’s stuff including paying off the coinsurance for the 1.1 million dollars of medical bills. Just by chance noticed that dad’s blood pressure was up about 20% over the 2 weeks period leading up to his stroke. I started studying blood pressure variability and wondered if I could have done more. My mother now lives alone, and we try to be with her as much as we can. My siblings and I act as her caregivers just as the 30% of us caregivers globally. We are starting this company to help caregivers so that we don’t have to wonder if we could have done more.

Meet The Team

Chopin Yen


Chopin is a Silicon Valley vet, having worked for Microsoft and Business Objects. He participated in numerous startups and is hellbent on creating technology to help people to look after their senior family members. He is the primary caregiver for his mom.

Lizi Feng


Lizi is dedicated to transformative efforts in healthcare, ranging from improving the health and wellness strategies for growth startups like Uber, Reddit and Udacity to doing clinical research with UCSF Medical Center. She is currently caregiving for her mom who was diagnosed with cancer in 2017.

Vesta Yin


Vesta is a seasoned developer, having spent 10 years with Microsoft, where he served as a development leader on key projects such as Microsoft.com. He is his mother’s primary caregiver.

Bruce Tribbensee

Technology Advisor

Bruce hails from Silicon Valley, builds robots, makes documentaries about rare guitars, and is co-founder of the hugely successful startup Submittable.

Faruq Ahmad

Advisor for Investor Relations

Silicon Valley based advisor with operational experience in all phases of the entrepreneurial and company growth process, as company founder, venture capitalist, and investor.

* 1-415-697-4311

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