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What Does It Take To
Care For Seniors?

A collaborative caregiving platform for
caregivers and family members


Keep Track Of Patterns

Combined with automatic data load and unique cloud algorithims, we will track small but significant physical changes over time and catch dangerous trends early.

Stay Connected On The Same Page

Enjoy the benefits of having all your loved one’s information securely shared on the same HIPAA - compliant platform, including bio-metrics, medication, mood, and weight. All can be shared with other caregivers in your circle, allowing everyone to stay on top of your loved one’s well-being and collaborate on health issues promptly, privately, and securely.

Senior-Friendly Designs

Our solutions are built to allow seniors to live safely and independently in their homes, whether that is having only the most important areas of concern for seniors on our dashboard or eliminating the need to transfer data. Our blood pressure monitor is designed to be familiar to ones that seniors are already using on a daily basis, because we know no seniors should have to learn new technology.

The Process

Use Device

Senior using them as
they always have.

Stay Up To Date

You live your lives while you are still on top of your loved ones' health.


Plan for the needed actions easily when you can aggregate, share and discuss your loved one’s data anytime, anywhere

You Shouldn’t Feel In The
Dark About Your Loved One’s Health.

A study from the National Alliance for Caregiving revealed that “long distance caregivers are more likely to report emotional distress” than caregivers residing within one hour’s distance away.

Are you and your siblings feeling stressed and in-the-dark about the wellbeing of your senior loved ones? Vigo’s Wellness Network understands the anxiety associated with worrying over the health of an aging family member. within one hour’s distance away.


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