Personalized Aerobic Exercise Prescriptions

Steps Don’t Count!Personalized Exercise Prescriptions to Optimize YOUR Aerobic Needs.


Daily Exercise Prescription

Every day, Dr. Vigo2 tells a user exactly how much aerobic exercise must be performed, relying on guidelines published by The American College of Sports Medicine. Dr. Vigo2 educates the user about the fallacy of counting steps, reporting side-by-side steps accumulated versus how many of those steps are actually beneficial to the user’s optimal physiological health.

Exercise Sessions

Dr. Vigo2 guides a user though an exercise session by calculating their accumulated EHMs (Effective Heart-rate Minutes). The user is alerted when his/her heart rate reaches the prescribed level, is alerted if the heart rate gets too high or too low, and is alerted when the prescribed number of EHMs are achieved.



More Than Friends and Family

Dr. Vigo2 invites the user to create a community of carers. (Carers are health advocates—family members such as children and grandchildren, doctors, physical therapists, etc.—who are invested in the user’s health progress.) The user can choose to share their in-the-moment heart rate, so that carers know that the user is exercising, and exercising in a way that will keep them around longer.

A Team Effort

While the user is exercising, s/he can receive messages from carers. For instance, the user’s son can send a message when the user has begun accumulating EHMs. Or a physical therapist can send a message when the user has accumulated the daily prescribed number of EHMs.

Users aren’t alone in their exercise, and the benefits of their efforts can be shared—and enjoyed—by everyone who cares for them.